Debra Harry - Quilt Artist
Debra C. Harry
My quilts are all original designs, inspired by nature.  In particular, most have an ocean or aquatic theme.

I am a quilter who loves color and also loves the organic shapes and the variety of textures found in nature.

My degree is in art and I have worked with fabrics most of my life. Art quilts are a natural blending of my art background and my love of fabrics.

Many of my quilts are hand beaded and hand embellished with embroidered elements, silk ribbons and specialty threads. Some include a touch of whimsy.
Goddess of the Deep
14" X 14"
Quilting Arts Magazine calendar.

"Let's Go To The Beach!" by Debra Harry is the featured quilt for the month of July.

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Latest Work
Solo show, "Seascapes and Naturescapes in Fabric" at the Ocean City Arts Center, Ocean City, NJ.  Click here to see photos of the show.
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